Hotel E-Commerce System - Guestny


Hotel E-Commerce System

Guestny is an online booking and e-commerce platform for daytime amenities, reserved spaces and experiences at hotels and resorts. It provides the hotel with new side income by offering entertainment and business opportunities to new guests. It’s time to earn more with our reservation system and e-commerce platform that maximizes underutilized spaces, creates a new revenue channel and provides a significant boost to F&B. Sell your tickets directly on the event management platform designed for hospitality brands.

Designed for Hotels

E-Commerce Platform Designed For The Unique Needs Of Hospitality Professionals.

Operation Friendly

If You Don’t Have The Time To Set Up And Manage The System, Let Us Do Everything For You.

Risk-free E-commerce

If You Wish, You Can Step Into E-Commerce Free Of Risk Without The Set-Up Fees, Fixed Payments And Long-Term Contracts.

Unlimited Products

No Matter How Many Items You Decide To Sell, Guestny Offers Unlimited Opportunities To Grow Your Retail Income.


Manage Your Sales Rapidly And Singlehandedly Without The Need For Any Technical Knowledge.

E-commerce Reporting

Get Data From Real-Time Sales Or Dig Deeper With Google Integration.


Generate new revenues.

We go far beyond self-serving and ensure you always have direct access to the expertise you need. We advise directly on this issue.


Special for You

We analyze all the conditions at your sales points and advise you on applications, interfaces or other tools that best support your business processes.

You can create a sales point for your coupons, whether at the reception, in the restaurant, or at the kiosk in the lobby.

Seize more marketing opportunities
  • Make special offers
  • B2B collaborations
  • Activate your website and social media platforms
  • Reconnect and market through Google Analytics


Create your digital hotel store now.

Better results start with a better user experience, so we always optimize your store to perform at its best.

Completely Tailored To Your Hotel

A unique e-commerce platform created for your hotel brand.

Seize more marketing opportunities
  • Use your own logo, colors and fonts
  • Upload high resolution photos and videos
  • Set up and launch your store in as little as 24 hours
  • Capture loyal guests


Management system

Manage both your capacity and your e-commerce platform in real time. We know that classical e-commerce systems do not solve your problems. Our e-commerce platform was built specifically to meet the requirements of hospitality businesses.

Easy-to-Use Management and Reservation System


We have a solution to help you sell almost anywhere, in almost any currency, 24/7.